The MusicianShip


We envision a future where all young people have access to the joy and opportunities made possible by the transformational power of music.


To empower youth and emerging musicians from historically marginalized communities throughout the DC metropolitan region and beyond by providing free music education and enrichment programs that build skills and amplify talents, resulting in positive life-changing outcomes.

At our core, The MusicianShip is a youth development organization that offers a wide range of music education programs, geared towards enriching the lives of students, their families, and the communities in which they live. Our After-school, Summer, Master Class, and Ensemble Programs, such as the Washington Youth Choir, serve youth ranging from 5 years old all the way through the age of 24. And while we are based in Washington, DC, we reach students as far as South Africa, Paris, and Sint Maarten. Our multi-disciplinary programs include marching band, choir, and classes in music business, production, music media, and music therapy.  

We provide all of these in-school programs free of charge to students and their families. 100% of your purchase is an investment in The MusicianShip's mission to provide meaningful music experiences for our students. 

  1. Every T-shirt you purchase provides 20 minutes of music instruction for a group of 10 students.
  2. Every Sweatshirt you purchase provides 30 minutes of music instruction for a group of 10 students.
  3. Every 10 shirts we sell puts a child through our entire six-week summer program.

Many of our students come from underserved communities with drop-out rates as high as 50%. Due to the challenges that they face, we explore the power of music and leverage it in impactful ways – focusing on pathways to secondary education and employment.  

A contribution to The MusicianShip is a contribution in support of fueling the dreams and goals of the future generation! 


To make a donation or to learn more about The MusicianShip, visit us online at

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